Veggie Boxes

The Flint Fresh Veggie Box Program is our produce delivery service. We bring a variety of fruits and vegetables to your home or business within the City of Flint, or the box can be picked up at our facility on Court Street, regardless of your location. You determine the frequency of ordering from two box options below, which are both available in small and large sizes.

Farmers Choice Boxes

We source produce from an array of local and regional growers. Harvested within several days of delivery and traveling short distances to our hub, your produce is at peak freshness and is nutritionally dense.

What will you find in your box? Along with familiar vegetables, we also hope to expand your palette by introducing you to something you may have never eaten before. Each box will have a list of the farmers who grew your food and where they are located.

Growers are able to extend their season by beginning earlier and/or continuing harvest into the cooler months with the use of high tunnels or hoop houses for protection. When the weather halts production, we will have storage crops available for as long as possible.

A La Carte Boxes

Depending on box size, you choose 3 or 6 fruit and 3 or 6 vegetable options from a list of choices. Fruit is sourced both from Michigan and outside of the region for more variety. Based on which ones you select, vegetables will be from Michigan if possible. A La Carte boxes are available year-round.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, SNAP/EBT*, Double Up Food Bucks* and Hurley’s Prescription for Health* for either box.
* You will need to present your card or prescription upon delivery.

Click here to order online or call Julie Hodges at 810-350-9604.

Farm-to-Fork Subscription Program

The Farm-to-Fork Subscription Program seeks to partner with area businesses that recognize healthy, locally grown foods can support employee wellness while benefiting local agriculture. Each week, subscribers will receive the best in-season produce sourced from an array of local and regional farmers. The produce is packed and delivered directly to the workplace or is available for pickup at the Flint Fresh Food Hub.

Our goal is to ease the amount of effort involved with health conscious eating by bringing the farmers’ bounty to businesses and their employees. You will receive an email with information on the farmers who provided the produce, preparations tips for featured vegetables and healthy recipes utilizing that week’s produce.

For more information, contact Julie Hodges at or call 810-350-9604.